The Andy Reid Conumdrum

February 16, 2012


By Maurice Brewington   13 years we have lived under the Iron Fist, and Jelly Belly of the tyrant known as “Big Red”. What began with the hope, and elation of being rescued from the Kottite/Rhodes regimes, seems ready to end as apathetically, and laughable as of Charlie Sheen’s career. After rising to the ranks […]

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With Major Holes Filled, Eagles Can Draft Best Available Talent In First Round

March 20, 2012


By Maurice Brewington   Immediately, I expect some push back for the headline.  Most would say we need to find a starting caliber safety. Others, a strong DT. I would not really disagree with either assessment , however, I think I know someone who might? With the acquisition of DeMeco Ryans, and resigning of Evan […]

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WANTED: Defensive Star with ATTITUDE

February 27, 2012


By Maurice Brewington During the Andy Reid era, (’99-’11), the Eagles have made 52 defensive selections in the NFL Draft, enough to fill an NFL 52 man roster. Of those 52 men, I have put together a list of the ones I feel had noteworthy enough careers to mention here, and justify as being “good’ […]

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The Phils need to get a deal done with Hamels… NOW!!!

February 25, 2012


By Maurice Brewington The first time I remember hearing the name Cole Hamels, ironically, was in relation to a bar brawl! Roughly two seasons into his professional career, a 21 year old Kid Cole broke his pitching hand outside a Clearwater taproom, while beating down some yokel who was giving the young ace a hard […]

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