The Andy Reid Conumdrum

Posted on February 16, 2012


By Maurice Brewington


13 years we have lived under the Iron Fist, and Jelly Belly of the tyrant known as “Big Red”. What began with the hope, and elation of being rescued from the Kottite/Rhodes regimes, seems ready to end as apathetically, and laughable as of Charlie Sheen’s career. After rising to the ranks of the leagues truly elite teams, the Eagles are now no better than an above average squad, and let’s be honest, trending downward.

I won’t sit here and bash the man without giving him credit for his many achievements. His pass first, second, and usually third philosophy was in many ways visionary in what most people now consider, “A Passing League”. His ability to maximize the talents, and camouflage the flaws of his QB’s allowed him to swindle Miami, Washington, and Arizona out of valuable second round draft picks. And even during the bleakest of seasons, his teams have fought. Never mailing in the the final games of a lost campaign, such as the one we just suffered through. Five NFC Championship Games, Six Division Titles, and a coaching tree superior to that of 3 time Super bowl Champion Bill Belichick.

Should the 2012 season end short of Mr. Lurie’s expectations, we ”might” see the end of the Reid era. And when he leaves we as Philly fans will say, “it was time”. While the national media will say, “Those Philly fans never knew how good they had it!”, As was the case with #5.

But much like our irreconcilable differences with McNabb, the national pundits are not privy to the daily grind that is coexisting with Big Red and his mammoth ego.

The case for Andy’s dismissal is well documented.

1.)No respect for the running game, having one, or stopping one.

2.)Refusal to sign large play making wide receivers, and defensive tackles, and linebackers, and running backs.

3.)Clock management.

4.)Red zone ineptitude.

5.)The use of gimmick plays in smash-mouth situations.

6.)In recent years an overall lack of toughness on all three phases.

7.)The hording of draft picks, despite the need for an immediate talent infusion.

8.)Hitting on MAYBE 2 out of 12 first round picks(I’m giving him Lito and Shawn Andrews).

9.)Bad free agent signings, Darren Howard, Chris Clemons, Stacy Andrews, etc.

10.)The repeated signing of free agents coming off of serious injuries in an attempt to save money, think Bishop, Kirkland,  Steve Smith. All of whom arguably cost us a trip to the Super Bowl.

11.) Peeing on our leg during post-game press conferences, while insisting that it’s really just raining.

12.) Reno F. Mahe


In reality, I have just wasted the last 30 minutes of my life writing this because you know, and i know, that barring the predictions of the Mayans coming to fruition, Andy will be back for year 15. The grass is always yellower on this side.

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